Adventures in Antiquing, Continued

by Amitha Verma Interior Design,

So, it’s been a week and I’m still dreaming about the gorgeous pieces I managed to unearth at the antiques fair last week. It’s such a great place to source quality pieces, since there’s lots of variety and a range of different styles. Even for newcomers to the field of antiquing, it’s a good place to start. Just remember: start small, and look for something you can live with.

A relatively small item like a side table is a good place to start, as it can be integrated into an existing seating arrangement. This elegant round table caught my eye at the fair, with its pretty marble top and arcade detailing. I really like the fact that it’s been stained a dark color, as that makes it look more formal. A darker wood shade like this one really adds integrity to a space! Also, it’s so practical – see there’s even enough place for a good-sized lamp.

This secretary would also have been a great buy – it has all the curves and scallops characteristic of the Louis XV period, and I just love the fresh, pale cream and yellow. The hardware looks great too; new hardware like that would cost a pretty penny on its own! And again, there is a real practicality factor here: the chicken wire in front makes it perfect for showcasing beautiful old books and accessories, and it’s not a very deep piece, which means it would work in a variety of spots.

What I liked about this display is the way the dealer showed how to pair an elegant chair with a secretary, tying the two together with a toile print. The colors, the style – they look so good together! If you find yourself falling in love with two pieces that don’t seem to go together very well, or like the idea of a chair to complement a larger piece, you can always have your designer select a frame and reupholster according to your color palette. All it takes is a bit of vision!

I also couldn’t help but be drawn to the ceramic dogs on display (I’ve always had a thing for dogs!). These adorable Staffordshire dogs looked so cute and were in mint condition – just right for a pretty bookshelf.

There were lots of slightly less conventional designs too. Here’s one that stood out: a wrench chair! I don’t know how comfortable it would have been to sit on, but it certainly has dramatic impact value!

Feeling inspired? Why not check out the next antiques fair that comes to your area? You might find yourself pleasantly surprised by all the little gems on display!

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Toile Tales, Part II: A Fabric Always in Fashion!

by Amitha Verma Interior Design,

In my last post, I went back in time and explored the history of my favorite fabric of all time, toile du Jouy.

Toile has been around since the 1700s, but it hasn’t lost any of its charm and elegance… in fact, I think it looks even more beautiful today, in the context of entirely modern interior designs. The airy, pale fabric, with its highly detailed pastoral scenes, adds a certain je ne sais quoi to every room that I use it in!

(Source: Chris Dee Designs)

As most of my projects have a French inspired flavor to them, I enjoy bringing in authentic touches like French antiques and vintage, antique pieces. Toile is the perfect blend of old and new – it is steeped in the old-world charm of eighteenth century Europe, but it works well within any kind of modern home, whether it is a bedroom or a comfortable sofa in the family den.

(Source: The Enchanted Home)

I just love, absolutely love rooms that are covered in toile wall-covering and fabrics like the one above. One day, this will work it’s way into my house. I adore working with toile, and usually incorporate it into my best designs.

(Source: Amitha Verma Interior Designs)

Recently, I used a delicious caramel and cream Braquenie, toile print on a beautiful dark wood chair. The contrast of dark and light, and the contemporary use of the vintage-style toile, created a stunning effect.

(Source: Country Living)

Toile is also perfect for use in less formal settings too. The French country style, which embodies cool, laid-back rustic charm, is also a great backdrop for toile-upholstered pieces. I love this toile bedding in a cheery red and white, which looks so simple and pretty on a cast-iron bedstead.Bright or subtle, upholstery or bedding, you can’t really go wrong with toile!

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