Fall/Winter 2011: Color Report

by Amitha Verma Interior Design, www.amithaverma.com

If you’re thinking of redecorating, eschew ecru, banish beige and crush your cream craving, because color is back with a bang! The weather might be cooling off, but color palettes are heating up, and I’m caught up in a world of vibrant, joyful shades as the trend switches to bolder color choices. Hot off the fall market, bright, rich inspiring colors are making their way back into interiors.

I’m so thrilled to be working with this new wave of bright shades – it’s so inspiring! My favorites for this season include purple, which looks rich, elegant and super gorgeous in almost any setting. You can even use it in a small space to stunning effect.

(Source: House Beautiful)

Vibrant yellow is back too, as if to hold on to the summer rays even through the colder months. I’m also seeing a resurgence of chartreuse, which is a difficult color to decorate with but which can look really classy if used in the right setting – like in this uber-stylish dining room with its statement walls.

(Source: Elle Decor)

Think that’s as bright as it gets? Think again! Two of the most eye-popping shades in the decorating spectrum are also really in right now – fuchsia and orange. I love how these colors really liven up a living space or bedroom, creating warmth and an element of fun no matter what the style. And if you’re wary of overdoing it, you can always offset these colors with classic white for a really cozy look.

(Source: Decorpad)

More than walls, however, I’m finding that the trend is for painting furniture in these fun, fresh colors. How gorgeous is this orange bookcase when set against a purple wall with a matching custom bed?

(Source: Elle Decor)

I love the effect of brightly colored individual furniture items, they add pops of color to the room and really establish a character of their own rather than being purely functional pieces. These days I’m dying to makeover a bookshelf in bright emerald green lacquer – wish I had one right now to get painting on!

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Light Delights

by Amitha Verma Interior Design, www.amithaverma.com

Since I’m pretty partial to light color palettes, I’m loving the fact that design trends are turning towards the softer side of the color spectrum these days. You’ll probably notice a lot of new (or redecorated) homes sporting pale, pale design schemes – soft whites, dove grays, sophisticated ivories, and so on. I especially love using these colors for upholstery, as there’s something really elegant about a seating arrangement in a delicate shade.

A lot of clients say to me: Oh, but that’s going to be so impractical! What about my kids/pets/husband with his muddy boots??

So here’s my big secret: outdoor fabrics.

There are so many of these fabulous new fabrics on the market that have special stain and water-resist qualities. They’re practical, durable, easy to clean, and they look great – like the uber-stylish cushions in this poolhouse, made from Sunbrella fabric.

(Source: Elle Decor)

The good thing is, I can indulge my love for light colors without worrying about the fabrics getting soiled right away. That’s such a blessing when you’re trying to create a really pretty indoor-to-outdoor look. One of my current favorites is the Palm Springs house featured in a recent Veranda, with these fabulous pinky-lavender couches in the porch – a real style statement, and practical too!

(Source: Veranda July-August 2011)

The wonderful thing about the new generation of stain and water-resist fabrics is that they look so good! Forget the canvas-type fabrics of the past – these new materials come in all kinds of finishes, including linen, jacquard, even chenille and velvet. You really can’t even tell they were designed for outdoor use. And so, why not bring them indoors? I’ve started using them in high-traffic areas like mudrooms, kitchens, breakfast rooms – they’re so perfect for banquettes and casual seating nooks.

(Source: House Beautiful)

The end result: beautiful soothing color schemes without the stress. What more could you ask for?

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