Checkerboard Tile: Ultimate Style?

by Amitha Verma Interior Design,

The traditional black and white ‘checkerboard’ floor is one that has been associated with old-world European interior design for decades. Lately I’ve been doing some research into this style, and I found that the practice of laying floor tiles in a checkerboard pattern actually dates back more than 2000 years! Apparently Romans and Egyptians both used this design, but for me, I think the most striking examples of black and white tiled floors come from the magnificent halls of Versailles in France. I spent 2 hours going through our photos looking for photo of my hubby and I on this very floor-but to no avail- darn those digital photos!

(Source: Knight Moves)

I like the idea of using black and white tiles in the entrance hall of a house – I think it creates a real sense of elegance and old-fashioned grandeur. See how the floor in this hall is a really good complement to the molding on the walls, the charming ottoman and table?

(Source: Haus & Home)

Checkerboard floors look good on the outside too. A veranda like this one is the perfect entrance to a really historic-looking grand old house. I love the white front door with the decorative transom just above it.

(Source: Veranda)

I have to admit, when it comes to using checkerboard tiles to create a really decadent, but slightly more modern look, I like using them in the kitchen. I’ve fallen in love with this almost edible kitchen which is decorated in shades of pink and chocolate, with a checked floor to match. The owner says she was inspired by French patisseries, chocolate, and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. I say, yum!

(Source: House Beautiful)

I can’t resist showing you one adorable little detail from this kitchen – these pink and white striped tins with the names of French delicacies hand-lettered on them… I’m in love!

(Source: House Beautiful)

Of course the checkerboard look works in other settings too. A dining area is formal enough the carry off this look, especially when paired with extra-tall French windows and Louis XIV chairs.

(Source: House and Home)

I also really like this bathroom, which belongs to Paris-based designer Frederic Mechiche. The antique tub and the modern artwork really make the floor look ultra-chic.

(Source: PBC Style)

If you’re looking for high drama and classic appeal, this sophisticated contrast will last the test of time. Perhaps there’s room for this in my next project…

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As Ideas Go… It’s A Little Off The Wall

by Amitha Verma Interior Design,

So… what comes to your mind when I say – “wallpaper”?

Chances are, you’re thinking about old-fashioned, 80s, monstrously-printed wallpapers and cringing.

Forget that, put it out of your mind. Nowadays when I talk about using wallpaper to my local Houston interior design clients, lots of them have the same reaction. But today’s choices are so much more exciting! In fact, when used tastefully, wallpaper has the ability to utterly transform a space into the epitome of chic!

(Source: Ginger & Gold Design Diary)

Stripes or patterns, big or small – there are so many options when it comes to choosing a gorgeous wallpaper for your home. I love how this subtle leaf print wallpaper has been used with a more detailed big leaf print fabric on the Louis XV chair – and how gorgeous is that white console table?!

(Source: Homesick Designs)

Wallpaper often has the effect of making a room look more formal and imposing. A rich stripe always works well in a bedroom or hallway – here, it’s been used in conjunction with a feminine floral print (a combination that always works!) to create a pretty, fresh country bedroom.


I have to admit, I like using wallpaper to create real interest and drama in more public spaces like the foyer or dining room, where you make more impact. Even in a bedroom, though, the effect is startling. See this beautifully papered bedroom – it just looks like a study in Parisian chic!


I simply adore the damask pattern wallpapers, especially in rich, metallic shades. Gold, silver, teal, pink, burgundy and pewter – all these colors look fabulous in damask prints. There’s a real air of regality and grandeur about them.

(Source: Best Home Gallery)

I can’t get enough of the utterly beautiful drawing room above – the elegant sofa, the rich looking wallpaper, even the side table with the miniature lamp is gorgeous! Sumptuousness and glamor and elegance all in one… and I’m sure you can’t even remember anymore why you didn’t like wallpaper!

In Houston, contact Amitha Verma Interior Design for fine wallcoverings.

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