The Richness of Red

by Amitha Verma Interior Design,

I just completed a powder room for one of my Houston interior design clients that turned out so lovely. The concept was richness, luxury and elegance. The couple I was working with love bold colors, but in moderation, so we designed the room around a single eye-catching element – the countertop. It’s made of a material called Vulcan Red Onyx – it even sounds sexy, doesn’t it? The color was this deep rich magenta highlighted with these gorgeous red tones

Amitha Verma Interior Design

The counter set the tone for the rest of the décor. I designed a palette of rich golds and pale creamy tones to complement the red, and had a custom Louis XV-inspired cabinet made especially for the room. The hardware was so much fun to select – we were like kids in a candy store! Eventually we settled on this beautiful mismatched antique brass hardware with a natural patina.

Amitha Verma Interior Design

We decided to wainscot the wall to get in a little more stonework and used this amazing border from Walker Zanger with our vulcan red onyx tones and deep gray coloring. It was so decadent, it really fit in with our overall look. On the walls we worked with Segreto Finishes to apply venetian plaster, and this ever-so-slight motif was sprinkled on top of the plaster. Finally, I picked a really subtle Rose Tarlow print for the small window covering, something that would blend in rather than detract from the dramatic red. And here’s the finished effect!

Amitha Verma Interior Design

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A Touch Of Luxury

by Amitha Verma Interior Design,

These days we’re working on another project for a new Houston interior design client, and I’m really enjoying playing with shape and design on this one! Our presentation to the client was just a couple of days ago, and I was really happy to see that they loved our vision for their space.

The palette this time is inspired by shades of green and blue, very elegant and with a kind of sophisticated grandeur. The custom sofa (7) is being made in a beautiful soft grey-green linen fabric, and I’ve picked a charming Lee Jofa print for accessory pillows. No loud colors and way-out prints for this client – the idea is understated glamor, all the way…

The classic Louis XVI bergere chair (3) is one of my favorite frames; I love the carving, and the grace of its curvy but upright shape. This is a piece we can customize, so we will customize the finish on the frame to a rich green painted finish. It will look so rich with this large scale floral print and bring out the colors in this lovely fabric.

For the tables, we’re working with a mix of traditional rectangle (4) and round (6) shapes so that the room is not all hard edges. Given the soft curves of both the sofa and the bergere, I think the gently concave legs of the side table complement them perfectly.

We included a classic gourd lamp for the side table- I just love the shapes in this lamp (5) but you can see my love for gold coming through on this project too!  I just adore the regal look of this beautiful chandelier (2) and the look is echoed in the accessories too (1). Like I always say, you can’t beat gold for adding a touch of luxury!

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