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My must have paint colors for Spring 2015

By Amitha Verma

Hi there!

I'm so inspired this "winter" to get a few home projects going! I'm talking Spring freshening-up inspired. I usually wait until much later in the season to post my favorite paint colors, but I just couldn't resist getting these colors to you.

I've been keeping tabs on all of the tends; design, fashion, products and more. I love the colors that have been coming through this year! What I love about this year's color trends is that they are more distinct and carry a little more color punch.

Here are a few paint colors that I've personally been contemplating and a few colors trends that I'm really excited about this year!


Benjamin Moore HC-147 Woodlawn Blue

Benjamin Moore HC-147 Woodlawn Blue

This year, we're seeing a little more color in our blues - especially our light blues. Over the past few years, we've been seeing a lot more gray tones in our blue colors. This has subsided a tiny bit to allow a little more color this year - which I'm so excited about. Whether on the walls, fabrics, furniture, and/or wallpaper, I love the color blue, as I'm sure you do.

Here's my pick for this year's blue tone - Benjamin Moore HC-147 Woodlawn Blue. Here you can see how lovely this powder blue hue can be in creating a timeless look!

On the darker front, I'm seeing a big push towards a rich blue like the tones we find in Delftware, transferware and other blue and white pottery patterns.

Benjamin Moore Deep Royal 2061-10

Benjamin Moore Deep Royal 2061-10

Before you say "that's not for me", think about some unexpected areas where you might love embracing these rich tones, such as your front door, a bathroom vanity or even an outdated paneled room! Many of us living in older homes have gorgeous panelling that looks ugly because it's so outdated - imagine a coat of this color!

Or how about this exquisite painted floor!?


Benjamin Moore 291 Laguna Yellow

Benjamin Moore 291 Laguna Yellow

Yellow is a fantastic neural and can really create a range of looks from classic French country all the way to mid-century to purely modern inspired interiors. I'm seeing a lot more saturation in yellows this year, shying away from the more pale tones.

My pick for this year: Benjamin Moore 291 Laguna Yellow

Here you can see an example of how stunning a bold yellow can create big impact. It's not for everyone, but if you admire this color, think about an area in your home where you can go bold!


Farrow & Ball Rectory Red 217

Farrow & Ball Rectory Red 217

Inspired by this years pantone, I'm seeing a trend towed deeper, wine inspired reds. I once did an entire theater room in a gorgeous red inspired color. In the right room, this color can be uplifting, elegant and very inviting.

Here's my color pick for this hue this year - Farrow & Ball Rectory Red 217. Simply stunning! I could go for a pair of suede stiletto heels in this color!


Benjamin Moore Soot 2129-20

Benjamin Moore Soot 2129-20

Last year, I mentioned black was really making it's way back into design. And this year it's really taking off. I can't tell you how much I love this color! I know it's strong but it is such a classic, elegant color. It looks amazing with every type of metal and is both striking and chic, while simultaneously acting like a neutral.

Take a look at this drool-worth paneled bath painted in black - very decadent! If you want to make a bold design statement, this is the color for you!


Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments 1563

Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments 1563

Celadon inspired hues are making a comeback. They were so huge about 10 years back and now they're back on the design scene. What I love about this color, is that it blends effortlessly with almost any other color palette, other paint colors and fabrics. These hues are some of the easiest to work with. We also love green inspired tones as those are the most prevalent colors in nature. If you're ever looking for a great go-to color for any room - these are your hues.

Here is one of my favorite celadon inspired tones:

We may even work with one of our brand partners, Ms. L to introduce this color palette into one of our own vignettes here at Village Antiques coming up soon!


Benjamin Moore Antique White 909

Benjamin Moore Antique White 909

This is another color trend I blogged about last year - I could see this one coming! Soft pink tones are another wonderfully warm, livable neutral. I love this color for power baths, guest baths and guest rooms where you can get away with a hint of pink.

Benjamin Moore Antique White 909 is one of my favorite subtle pinks - it just gives a hue of pink without being overly pink or too feminine.


While I was working on my last project I was on the hunt for a gorgeous, fresh, crisp white. A true white, not a yellow white or a creamy white. Often times when we're selecting a white it can go yellow, blue, or pink - which sometimes is great. However on this project I needed a true white. That's what led to me discover a new favorite, Benjamin Moore Decorator White.

Benjamin Moore Decorator's White CC-20

Benjamin Moore Decorator's White CC-20

And here is another favorite white, Benjamin Moore Moonlight White.

Benjamin Moore Moonlight White 2143-60

Benjamin Moore Moonlight White 2143-60

It's always great to have a good white in your paint files. It's just a good ole pair of jeans or your spanx - you know it's there when you need it!

This spring we've also introduced 2 gorgeous new colors in our own Amitha Verma Paint line. I'm so excited about these 2 colors, they have been flying off the shelf!!

Latte Beige - this is such a gorgeous blend of beige & gray. It has quickly become a customer favorite and go to color.

Latte Beige

Belgian Blue - this is a stunning off-white with the slightest hint of blue. This color is so sophisticated and elegant, it too is flying of the shelves - we can barely keep up with the demand!

Belgian Blue

If you haven't had a chance come by and check out these new colors.

If you enjoyed this blog, be sure to share with a friend!

If you're about to start a paint project, leave a comment and let me know which direction you will be going with your project!



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I love the paint, it was so easy!

Sarah G.


Just a quick note to say that I love your new paint line!! The colors are beautiful and it goes on so smooth and silky. The gray wax is fabulous. I'm getting some great new looks with your paint but most of all I'm having fun using them!! Hope all is well.


Sarah H.

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